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stronger everyday!

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Panja loves snow!!

Panja loves snow!!

just a couple of days before the accident!
just a couple of days before the accident!

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7 Responses to “stronger everyday!”

  1.   jmjudson Says:

    having fun camping! hopefully in a couple of weeks she’ll be ready again! she seems to have lost her confidence since losing her front leg(mailman ran over her!–didn’t even stop to say he was sorry! my boys watched the whole thing in shock!) so sad people can be so cruel!
    nonetheless!! she is getting stronger and more confident! it will take some time!

  2.   admin Says:

    Cruel indeed. Glad to hear she’s feeling better already. But she’s not “less confident” … just recuperating from a major surgery. In time she will regain her strength, and her spirits. Keep those updates coming!

  3.   jmjudson Says:

    Today Panja chased a bunny in our yard! you would have never known she didn’t have 4-legs! she ran like a race horse!!!! (of course she didn’t get the bunny–she never got one before the accident, thank goodness!) amazing how quickly she is getting back to normal! not even three weeks yet! We love to just sit and watch her! we appreciate that it was only a leg lost and not a life!!

  4.   Codie Rae Says:

    Woohoo! Us shepherd tripawd girldogs MUST REGULATE RODENTS!! Part of the job description! You go Panja Girlfriend! You will be prancing and twirling again before you know it!

    Codie Rae

  5.   panja's mom Says:

    Thank you for all of the positive replies! Panja is doing GREAT!! She gets special attention everywhere we go! She empties the treat box at every home improvement store! It has been an amazing learning experience for our boys they are definantly more compassionate to animals and people! Panja is jumping up into the back of our pickup! that is her very favorite place in the world! sometimes at night we will call her and go looking for her and there she is waiting to go for a ride at 11 o’clock at night!

    As an F.Y.I to someone going through major surgey like amputation-YOU WILL LOVE THEM EVEN MORE if that is possible! for so many reasons! Panja makes us so proud!!

  6.   jakesmom Says:

    So glad to hear that Panja is doing so well after her surgery. That’s horrible about your postman running over her leg. Thank goodness things didn’t turn out worse! I’m also a shepherd mommy… My Wolfie is 4.5 yrs old and the younger ‘brother’ of our 10yr old Jake (golden retriever) who is just 10 days post amputation due to bone cancer in his front right leg. I love them both so much!

    Keep posting updates and pictures of Panja’s adventures!!!

    Jake’s (and Wolf’s) Mom

  7.   Codie Rae Says:

    Hey Panja,

    Long time no hear! Hows the rodent regulation going????? Hope everything is well with you girlfriend and let us know whattup, OK????

    Codie Rae

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